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Your Child

Children are one-third of our population and all of our future.

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Your Child

Parenting is the key to instilling in our children the core values of responsibility, respect, compassion, cooperation and hard work.

As a parent, your role requires you to provide your children with warmth and acceptance, to be responsive to their needs and behaviours, to be very much involved in their lives, and to provide consistent, fair and firm family leadership.

Effective parenting is the remedy for many costly and tragic social problems like child abuse and neglect, school failure, youth drug abuse, juvenile delinquency, gangs and crime.

Parenting is about unleashing the vast potential wrapped up in a child. While it is perhaps our most challenging and important role in life, there is be no greater joy than to experience the pure and unconditional love of your child. As Cicero said “Of all nature’s gifts to the human race, what is sweeter to a man than his children?”

Yet, becoming a parent has a real impact on your financial situation, because as well as day-to-day money matters, it’s important to think about protecting your family’s future.