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Tax Services

We believe that completing the Income Tax Return is relatively straightforward matter for most people. For those individuals who want complete their Income Tax forms on their own, we are happy to assist.

Couple managing the debt


Through our experience in providing this spreadsheet, we have recognised that a number of persons need specific assistance in a number of areas, including:

  • Minimising the taxes deducted from their income, so that more money is available on a monthly basis
  • Taking advantage of the opportunities available to reduce their overall tax liability
  • Managing tax liability for married persons.


Though our Tax Services, we are offering the following:

  • Personal Tax Consultation, intended to help you to optimise your tax planning;
  • Assistance with completion of your tax return and with filing;
  • Support with selecting and placing registered retirement plans, registered retirement savings plans, mutual funds, property insurance and with preparing covenants;
  • Tax Seminars for organisations and institutions for their members, staff and/or customers.
Did You Know?


Financial planning with us will help you to address the key decisions you will make (or have made) and the impact these decisions will have on your financial circumstances and outcomes. These include:

  • Your choice of career

    • Much of the money you get will come from what we earn. And what you earn is determined by what you do.

  • Marrying

    • Marriage is a very personal choice. When you get married, the cost of the wedding and the income earning potential and lifestyle of your partner will impact your future financial prospects.

  • Your lifestyle

    • One of the key requirements in managing your personal finances is balancing your current consumption with your future consumption needs.

  • How you manage debt

    • Debt is the opposite of postponing future consumption – it is borrowing against future earnings to facilitate current consumption.

  • How you handle risk

    • The risk-return trade-off is fundamental to investing – and investing is critical to creating wealth. Your ability to tolerate risks determines the rate of return you will get.

  • How many children you have – and when

    • There is a significant financial cost associated with raising children to adulthood, especially if you plan to educate them at tertiary level.

  • How well you protect your assets

    • Protecting what you currently have is the foundation of good financial planning. For most people, the ability to earn income is their most significant asset.