Happily ever after

Marriage is that relation between man and woman in which the independence is equal, the dependence mutual, and the obligation reciprocal.​

The wedding is past, your thank you notes are all sent out and it’s time now to work on the everyday matters of marriage life.

Change of Name Procedures

If a lady decides to take her husband’s name certain documents bearing her maiden name will have to be changed such as:

  • Driver’s and professional licenses
  • ID / Social Security
  • Bank and other financial accounts
  • Insurance policies
  • Voter registrationIncome tax
  • Will

…For richer, for poorer…

Your household now benefits from two incomes and this can mean an increase in the standard of living. A good financial plan can help you ensure that, in addition to love, your marriage is built on a solid financial foundation.

  • Take steps to reduce debt
  • Consult a financial advisor or tax professional about filing now that you are married
  • Even if you have joint bank accounts, each partner may want to still have an individual account.
  • You should purchase life and property insurance to protect you and yours.
  • Begin to invest and save for such goals as your child’s education, purchasing your home and retirement. We also have some information that can help.
  • Remember to set aside money for emergencies.

Call Lashley Financial for a “No obligations” meeting after your honeymoon.

…In sickness and in health…

Let Lashley Financial help you to secure the right amount of health insurance. Find out if you can be covered by your spouse’s office health plan and vice versa. 

… ’til death us do part…

Now is a good time to start estate planning. If you already have an estate plan you should modify it to suit your new situation and later when you have your children. Have a look at our information on planning for your own death and the death of a loved one