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There are two sides to every question.

Old wedding rings Shattering


Divorce is difficult, and often, can be messy. Divorce causes people to say and do things that would normally be out of character for them – sometimes doing unthinkable and unacceptable. It can become a personal battle with the casualties often extending way beyond the main protagonists to children, families and friends. 

Divorce (and death) is among the most significant changes that a family may be required to go through. It means more than physically separating a family; it also means separating a family financially. Divorce situations usually involve many changes — in household composition, in income, sometimes in moving to a different home, work or school. This often brings emotional stress. 

However difficult it may be, you will be able to make better financial decisions in the future for yourself and your children, if you keep your emotions from influencing your financial decisions. 

To be as satisfied as possible within the new financial situation, it is important to assess values, goals and priorities carefully. These adjustments will occur over time, during and after divorce, therefore it will be important to continue to review the established goals and priorities on a regular basis. It may be as important to work with someone on whose advice you can rely during this period of physical, emotional and financial transition.