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    Your Broker

    Your broker works for you – not for the insurance company.
    Your broker will help you to address the issues below.

    • What do I need the plan for?
    • How much does the plan cost?
    • What is covered by my plan?
    • What is NOT covered by my plan?
    • What can I afford?
    • Will my legitimate claims be paid – fairly and promptly?
    • How stable, reliable and efficient is my insurance company?

    And help you to answer the following questions?

    • Do you have sufficient life insurance coverage in case of your premature death?
    • Are you covered against the primary critical illnesses, such as cancer, heart attack and stroke that can cause emotional and financial distress?
    • What would happen if you lost an arm, leg or eye in an accident, particularly if you could no longer work?
    • Is your home, and its contents, adequately covered – for the right risks and for the right value?
    • And what if your friend fell and was injured on your patio, and sued you because he/she could not work for six months?
    • Do you have a good motor insurance policy from a solid insurance company?
    • Do you know what is – and is not – covered?
    • If you think that we can’t afford the insurance premiums, can you afford the potential cost of not having insurance?

    We recommend that you appoint a broker to assist you in managing your insurance needs.

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