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Working Overseas

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    Working Overseas

    The prospect of working in exotic, foreign places is exciting and attractive and working overseas can be an opportunity to see the world and advance your career at the same time. However, as an expatriate, your financial and other considerations will not be the same as when you are living in your native country. Careful thought and planning can help you to enjoy the experience of working – and playing – in another country.

    Important issues include:

    • Obtaining a visa/work permit
    • Insurance
    • Taxation
    • Living arrangements and transportation
    • Transferring and managing money

    Before accepting overseas job offers, discuss the matter with your family since they may have to move with you.

    Also, be sure to go through important issues with your employer and find out if the company will handle some of these details for you. Lashley Financial can help you with the financial aspects of your move e.g. finding investment vehicles that earn you tax-free income and also direct you to overseas providers.

    Before you leave, learn as much as you can about the country, its people and its customs. Look after your health by paying attention to vaccination requirements and disease advisories.

    The key to any successful move to another country is to be well prepared and organized. Dealing with as much as possible before you leave allows you to spend the time settling in when you arrive. The quicker you become established and are involved in your new life, the sooner you will feel at home.

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