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University Education

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    University Education

    “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance!” 

    Andy McIntyre


    For many Caribbean people, educating themselves and their children has been and continues to be the route to improving their lives and achieving a more comfortable lifestyle.

    While education for Barbadians remains mostly free if we go to UWI at Cave Hill, this is not guaranteed to continue. Further, if the qualification is offered by a University overseas (including UWI in Mona and St Augustine), access to funding will be required.

    University education can be expensive – especially if you want your child to be educated in the US or UK. In addition, tuition fees and maintenance increase at a rate higher than general inflation. This makes paying for a university from current resources practically impossible.

    Today, a tertiary level education is important because it provides not only the specifics for a particular profession but also equips you with valuable human relations skills, time management skills and problem-solving skills – life skills. If ensuring your child’s university education is one of your life goals – financing it will be one of your key concerns.

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