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Personal Finance

Personal Financial Management an important area for Lashley Financial – because it can change your life and your future in truly significant ways. Unfortunately, we also know that many people will do absolutely nothing about developing a financial plan.

If you do decide to develop a financial plan, you will find that the benefits of working with us to develop a plan tailored to your needs can be much more than just financial. You become more in control of your financial future and happier with what the future holds, especially after you stop working. Through our planning process, together we:

  • come to understand your financial situation
  • balance your current life situation and your plans for the future, using practical and straightforward approaches
  • focus on specific goals, such as educating your children, retiring, education, investing, buying a home — whatever goals you may have
  • see the big picture and how you can get where you want to go – from where you are now.

Everyone needs a financial plan for their life, from those with ten dollars to those with tens of billions. Life takes money – whether you plan or not. It can just be so much better when you make a plan and implement it.